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5 € Coin dedicated to Užgavėnės

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Unit Price:€ 70.00
Category:Lithuanian bank (commemorative) collectible coins
Metal:silver / 925
Weight:12,44 g
Diameter:28,7 mm
Mintage:3 000
Recommended:collecting, gift, investment
Included:case, certificate of authenticity
Status:cantact us by phone

On the reverse

The reverse of the coins features distinctive attributes characteristic of Užgavėnės, a lively end-of-winter celebration: in the centre – Morė, the effigy of winter, which is surrounded by a beggar, a crane, a witch baking pancakes, Lašininis, a symbol of winter, Kanapinis, a symbol of spring, and a goat playing an accordion. The composition is surrounded by the inscriptions UŽGAVĖNĖS and the slogan of the celebration: ŽIEMA, ŽIEMA, BĖK IŠ KIEMO! (WINTER, WINTER GO AWAY FROM OUR YARDS!); the edge of the silver coin also features the inscription JEI NEBĖGSI, IŠVARYSIM, SU BOTAGAIS IŠBAIDYSIM! (IF YOU DO NOT LEAVE, WE WILL BOOT YOU OUT OURSELVES!). A pad-printing technology was used to create the impression of flames surrounding Morė on the reverse side of the silver coin.

The obverse

The obverse of the coins features one more character of Užgavėnės – a horse rider, i.e. a person dressed up in a costume that makes him appear to be riding a horse. The coin also features the inscriptions LIETUVA (LITHUANIA), the year of issue (2019), denomination (€5), and the mintmark of the Lithuanian Mint.




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