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Latvian coin, "Latgale Congress" 2017


Unit Price:€ 89.00
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Category:Collectible coins
Metal:silver / 925
Weight:26.00 g
Diameter:32x32 mm
Country of origin:Latvia
Mintage:3 000
Recommended:collecting, gift
Included:case, certificate of authenticity
Status:in store
On the obverse of the coin, representatives of various social groups - members of the Latgale Latvian Congress - are depicted with a red-white-red banner, which contains a call for the unification of Latvia. The word "5 Euro" appears in the upper left corner of the coin, while the years "1917-2017" appear in the upper right corner.
The reverse of the coin depicts a crucifix, around which women and children gather for May songs. May songs are included in the Latvian cultural canon as a folk tradition typical of Latgale. At the bottom of the coin is the inscription "Latgola".
 On May 9 and 10, 1917 (April 26 and 27, according to the old style), the Latgale Latvian Congress took place in Rezekne. It was attended by delegates from all volosts and cities of Latgale, parishes, unions and Latvian riflemen. For almost 300 years (1629-1917), the Latvians of Latgale were separated from the Latvians of Vidzeme and Kurzeme, first under the rule of Poland, and since 1772 as part of Russia. The main question to be decided at the congress was what path Latgale would take in the future: to unite with Kurzeme and Vidzeme or try to create autonomy on its own. The first opinion was represented by the Catholic priest Francis Trasoon (1864–1926) and his followers, the second by the engineer Francis Kemps (1876–1952). 


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