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Flag chips


Unit Price:€ 4.50
In Stock:8
Category:Further coin accessories
Ref No:A333463
Overall size:26 mm
Recommended:gift, product maintenance / storage
Manufacturer:Leuchtturm Albenverlag GmbH & Co. KG
Delivery:Delivery (10-20 w.d.)

Flag chips made of cardboard for the identification and classification featuring inscriptions for 2-euro coins collections. Sets of 29 flags incl. San Marino, the Vativan City, Monaco and Andorra, as well as 5 different flags from German mints, 2 neutral chips for individual use. The flags chips have a diameter of 26 mm and fit perfectly in all systems for 2-euro coins such as albums, tableaux, capsules, coin boxes, etc. (German edition).



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