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Quadrum x 4
Category: Volterra

French Napoleon III (No Laurel) 10 franks

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Unit Price:€ 198.68
Supirkimo kaina:€ 142.99
Category:Investment coins
Metal::AU / 900
Coin weight::3,225 g
Gold weight:2,902 g. (0.0933 oz )
Diameter, mm:19
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Delivery :to 8 working days

Note: These coins have been in circulation, scratches may appear.

Coins sold various minting years.

The obverse shows a bareheaded portrait of Louis, with the inscription "NAPOLEON III EMPEREUR". The engravers name BARRE is below the head.

The reverse design consists of the value and the date surrounded by a laurel wreath. Around the outside of the wreath is the inscription "EMPIRE FRANCAIS". The mintmark "A" or "BB" appears below the wreath.

The edge is inscribed in raised lettering "DIEU PROTEGE LA FRANCE".

Charles Louis Napoleon Bonaparte (1808-1873) was the son of King Louis Bonaparte of Holland, a younger brother of Napoleon Bonaparte. He was elected President (1848-1852) of the Second Republic of France and subsequently Emperor (1852-1870), reigning as Napoleon III (Second French Empire). There was no Napoleon II of France.

He was imprisoned after the second of two abortive coup attempts (October 1836 and August 1840), escaped to the United Kingdom in May 1846, returning after the revolution of February 1848 to win the presidential election in December. Three years later he seized dictatorial powers, proclaiming himself Emperor in December 1852. On April, 28th, 1855 he survived an attempted assassination.



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