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MIG-25 Foxbat is the world’s fastest fighter ever made. After the 1970s, with its 29 absolute world records, the MIG-25 caused numerous problems for its competitors and remained the leader of the sky, up until the 1980s. Foxbat’s still unbeaten world records for the fastest speed and highest altitude ever reached have inspired Aviator to introduce a watch named after this plane.

Typical colours, such as black, green, beige and grey, highlight the model’s military-style design. The chapter ring leaning on the Machmeter is a reminder of the Foxbat’s extremely high speed, which exceeded the speed of the sound by three times. Retaining the simple dial design with striking colour contrasts and luminescent materials, the watch provides excellent legibility by day and night. Additionally, the small second indicator at “6 o’clock” resembles an aircraft’s attitude instrument, contributing to the cockpit-style look of the watch. Every feature is the result of the designer’s subtle ideas. The model is available with textile bracelets reminiscent of the extremely durable belts used by military pilots. Everything about this watch makes its wearers feel as if they are seated in the cockpit of a MIG-25.


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