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From the start of the Second World War, aircrafts were crucial to the success of army operations, supporting troops from the sky. The Airacobra was one of the best fighters of its time, with especially effective ground attack capabilities, making it a valuable addition to the infantry. During the Second World War, aviators began receiving watches as part of the indispensable equipment for missions.

The Airacobra model demonstrates the inseparable link between aviation and watches. Its dial retains the classic cockpit-style design with luminescent hands and displays, providing outstanding legibility, even in the worst visibility conditions. The model line contains different variations, with features that resemble the cockpit instruments of the time. The unusual division into the external chapter ring and inner hour, or minute circuit, makes the Airacobra look like a deck watch of the 1940s. The model variant, with the exceptional date display design, resembles an altimeter, the essential pilot’s instrument. All these characteristics, along with varied dial colours are reminiscent of the time when courageous aviators flew the Airacobra fighter. 



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