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The Brand’s mission is to build exceptional watches that not only serve exceptionally, those who conquer the skies, but all those who support them from the ground. Since 2011 Aviator watches have been developed and manufactured in Switzerland's Canton of Jura – home of the watchmaking industry.

This location facilitates collaboration with the highest quality suppliers enabling us to pursue our philosophy: to build reliable watches meeting the rigorous standards of time instruments, whilst combining original aviation designs.


From the richly colored spires of Moscow’s Kremlin to the icy clear waters of Lake Baikal, from the fiery volcanoes of Kamchatka to the wedding-cake palaces of Saint Petersburg, Russia is a tapestry of royal grandeur, natural wonder, industrial prowess and artistic genius. Over time, Russia has given the world an endless parade of remarkable larger-than-life artists, scientists, engineers and statesmen who have left an indelible imprint on the life of every person everywhere. It was Moscow where top designers gave birth to the brand Buran with idea to reflect a marvelous beauty and rich soul of Russia in timepieces.


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