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Gold coins of Nicholas II

Coins of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II (1894-1917) have always been popular among collectors. They are quite numerous and easy to find, but there are also many rare pieces for which collectors are hunting for many years.
Gold coins of Nicholas II are of particular interest not only for collectors, but also for numerous investors in order to save their assets. All gold coins of Nicholas II were minted from 900 gold, with the addition of 10% copper, which gives them a characteristic color. They were minted in 1895-1913 and could be divided into the following main groups:
  • probe and commemorative coins of 1895-1897, 1902 and 1908 (imperials 1895-1897; half imperials 1895-1896; 25 roubles 1896, 1908; 37.5 roubles / 100 francs 1902; 5, 10 and 15 rusov 1895), which are very rare and practically impossible for purchase, seldom appear at the world's largest auctions;
  • 10 and 20 marks for Finland (3.23 and 6.45 g), minted in 1903-1905 and 1910-1913, which are relatively easy to find, except for a few rare years;
  • coins of 5, 7.5, 10 and 15 roubles (4.30, 6.45, 8.60 and 12.90 g), minted in 1897-1911 (excluding 1905 and 1908) and circulated throughout the Russian Empire.
Coins of 7.5 and 15 roubles dated 1897 each have 2 main varieties and are quite scarce in excellent conditions. There are some rare and very rare years among 5 and 10-rouble coins. In some years there are varieties of different mintmasters on coin edges: АГ, АР, ФЗ, ЭБ. 1906 is the rarest year for both 5 and 10 roubles with mintage of just 10 pieces each. The mintage of 5 rouble 1907 was 109 pieces, but their major part - 100 coins, was laid into the foundation of the church of the Leib-Guards Cavalry Regiment near St. Petersburg.
Coins of 5 and 10 roubles were in such demand that their minting was resumed after 1917 by authentic and new dies at the Petrograd Mint. These coins have some portrait and edge specific features and are valued as coins of original minting.
The cost of 5 and 10 roubles in low preservation depends on the value of gold on the world exchange, but their premium to the price of the metal is always higher than that of European and American gold coins. This is due to the huge demand for originally minted coins of Nicholas II among private and corporate investors around the world. They are so popular that they began to be counterfeited as early as the 1930-s and this continues to this day. Therefore, it is always better for novice collectors and investors to contact specialized coin trading companies that guarantee their authenticity and quality when selling.
Coins of 5 and 10 roubles, even of ordinary years of minting but in collectible preservation, are very expensive - from 2 to 10 metal prices. Collecting of coins of Nicholas II in protective plastic slabs, which determine the degree of preservation and guarantee their authenticity, has become extremely popular in recent years. The most expensive are the coins of Nicholas II in proof condition.
Collecting and investing in Nicholas II gold coins is a good way to keep your savings from inflation. Their prices are rising year by year, especially for coins in high degrees of preservation, of which not so many have survived to this day. Therefore, after purchase they must be handled with care and stored in special albums or trays.
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